Why you should switch to custom ROMs for Android

Custom ROMs for Android

A huge problem with Android is how the device manufacturers often screw things up.

I’ve been an Android user for some time now (9 years to be exact).

Not because I have been in love with Android all this time. Not at all, trust me. How I wished I could go for an iPhone. But somehow the price could never convince me.

My smartphone journey started with one that came with Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, it sucked big time.

The phone lagged (it had good hardware I swear), apps crashed, the battery gave up too often.

Somehow, it got a little better when I got an update — Jelly bean.

Although marginally.

It still lagged, apps still crashed. Optimization was a joke.

To make things worse, the manufacturer never released Kitkat for the phone.

I still used that device for more than 3 years. Yes, I have this thing with continuing with gadgets beyond their tolerable life.

My next smartphone came with Kitkat, and later got a cool upgrade to Lollypop. Finally, I felt the “butter” on my fingers.

And then, bummer! I never got another Android update!

Why am I saying all this?

The point I’m trying to make is, not all smartphone manufacturers are good at pushing firmware updates.

Yes, Android today is a far more polished system than it was until a few years back, but few things are often not in control of Google.

So, it’s time you stop relying on the manufacturers for updates.

And that’s exactly why Android is so cool. It has the potential to let you take the wheel.

Enter Custom ROMs!

The open-source Android operating system is forked by independent developers to build modified versions of Android. These aftermarket releases are called Custom ROMs.

No prizes for guessing, they are free to download, install, modify and redistribute.

And the amazing part — they are often far better updated than the stock (default) operating system provided by manufacturers.

Independent dev — 1. Billion-dollar corporate — 0

They usually come with better features.

Independent dev — 2. Billion-dollar corporate — 0

Custom ROMs push the latest security patches for officially supported devices.

Independent dev — 3. Billion-dollar corporate — 0

Let that sink it.

Better performance, bloat-free, less intrusive, more privacy. I can keep going.

But you get the point.

So stop waiting for the manufacturer to send you updates when you can get it yourself, and get it better.

Learn more about Custom ROMs for Android.



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